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Just a few of the many features at MMA Village! Join today . . . its FREE!

All comments, ratings and blog posts are local to MMA Village, making it a pefect community to showcase your latest video, announce an upcoming event in your city or basically network with other martial artists worldwide!

Share your technique and training videos and allow others to learn from you. Build your own member page to feature the videos you want on that page. Uploading your videos at MMA Village or

MMA Village has a comprehensive listing of Martial Arts events worldwide. Are you an event coordinator? Submit your events to us for inclusion in the event directory.

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MMA Village will allow you to make Groups, or Teams, for easy networking amoung the members. The Community functions are ideal for developing communication systems for your Martial Arts School, including broadcast email to members, upload training and technique videos for students to review and learn, and to build contest to encourage student enrollment.

MMA Village has created an international community to excite all martial artists from the beginner to the 4th, 5th, 6th degree and beyond Black Belts.

Whatever your discipline, location or belt rank, MMA Village will offer an engaging and interactive site for you to explore, learn and teach others!

Join MMA Village today . . . its FREE!

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  • Rate and comment on other member videos.

  • Network with martial artists worldwide using our internal mail system.
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  • Create a personal Blog to share your thoughts or to provide training for others.

  • Execute a Beat-Down on another member to show your support.

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